Landlords (Housing Law)

This relatively new area of law gives landlords and attorneys fits alike. I work to help hard working landlords preserve the profits and equity necessary to run a successful business. As an experienced litigator in Massachusetts housing courts, I create solutions for landlords and tenants and find that settlement is often the best way to control an amicable outcome in this forum. Housing Court poses difficulty in predicting outcomes due to the nature of that law and equitable powers retained by that court. In all cases, I pride myself on delivering reasonable results to Massachusetts residents. 

Extensive knowledge about housing law and regulations, contracts, and attendant property rights to help Massachusetts landlords:

  • Gain access with difficult tenants
  • Draft effective rental leases
  • Resolve landlord-tenant disputes
  • Collect from nonpaying tenants
  • Help landlords maintain the integrity and profitability of their properties
  • Evict irresponsible or nonpaying tenants
  • Appeal Board of Health violations
  • Residential or Commercial
  • and more

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