Tenants (Housing Law)

To keep you and your family safe and out of the way of a predatory landlord, your housing lawyer will require substantial knowledge about housing and consumer laws and regulations, and evidence, as well as a the ability to stand up to landlords and judges in Housing Court. The housing laws in Massachusetts are notoriously stringent – and yet still there are seemingly innumerable tenants having their rights violated by landlords of every type. Attorney Shivick is happy to oppose that kind of landlord or another attorney who is just doing this kind of law to make ends meet – you’d be surprised how often that happens. He knows the Tenants side of the coin very well  – in each Massachusetts county – and through substantial courtroom experience is prepared for the unpredictable nature of eviction cases – and how to prepare tenants to win on trial day, if settlement cannot be reached.

Helping Clients with:

  • Security Deposits & Last Months Rent
  • Bad Conditions & State Sanitary Code violations
  • Plumbing and Building Code violations
  • Rodents, Insects, Infestation
  • No Repairs
  • Cross-metering
  • Discrimination
  • Section 8
  • Lockouts/Eviction without court
  • Constructive Eviction
  • Utility Shutoff
  • Retaliation
  • c.93A demand letters
  • College apartments
  • Vacation Rentals over 100 days & more…

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