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Client Reviews

“I have been having issues with landlord for 3 and half years of things not being fixed or kept up with. So I decided to sue them. Michael Shivick was extremely helpful in making this happen. Was able to get the landlord to settle the case in a short amount of time. If I could give more stars I would. Whenever you have issues with landlord Michael can make it happen. Right from the get go he will tell you the best way to handle the situation. And will straight up say whether your case has a good chance or not. I recommend to everyone with tenant landlord issues.” David F. – Google Review 1/2022.

“Attorney Michael Shivick has been nothing short of exemplary and shows that he truly cares about his clients and the legal issues that they are having.

I recently reached out to Mr. Shivick regarding a legal issue I was having with my landlord and received a call back within 10 minutes and scheduled a consultation for the very next day. Attorney Shivick was extremely thorough and detail oriented and was sure to ask all the right questions. He is an extremely friendly, knowledgeable and well-versed attorney and was very quick to take all of the necessary actions to help us with our problems. He has remained available to answer all of our questions and provide advice on every individual situation we’ve ran in to with our landlord. I cannot thank him enough for all of his hard work he has done so far and we will be sure to use him for all of our legal needs in the future.

If you are looking for an attorney look no further. We searched all over Worcester county and spoke to several attorneys regarding our matter before we chose to proceed with Attorney Michael Shivick. He is by far one of the very best in the district and deserves the highest of praises. I strongly recommend you use his services should you ever find yourself in a situation where you need legal assistance or representation.” –
Ken B. – Google Review 1/2022.

“I had a lot of questions and no time to ask anyone before court. Without getting advise me and my kids might have ended up having to be out on the street the following day. As a long shot I sent out an email to Mr.Shivicks. within moments I got a response sent from his computer asking me for details and a phone number. Shortly after I responded I received 2 more emails back, now from his cell phone (this told me that he was busy and on the move). He then called me, was straight to the point “How can I Help?”. While he was giving me expert advise I could hear that I was correct and he was running around the court house n still found the time to help me n without asking for a Penny! I have dealt with A LOT of attorneys over the years and without even meeting him I can say that he’s 1 of the good ones!! Thank you So much for ur help and I will Definitely be in touch!!” Don C. – Google Review 12/2021

“Definitely the guy to call. He is very to the point which I like, took our case for landlord issues and came out on top thanks mike.” Anthony M. – AVVO Review 11/2021

“I was having a difficult time dealing with a horrible landlord issue and Mike made sure my case was handled the best way possible. Took care of making sure that I was prepared for the outcome and even worried enough to let me know what to do if we didn’t get a good outcome. Would definitely hire again if I ever had legal trouble . 20/10”Thomas C. – AVVO Review – 11/2021.

“We recently used Attn. Shivick for a very complicated ordeal with our landlord, when we were withholding rent for unsanitary and unsafe conditions. He stuck by us through the good, the bad, the ugly, and fought tooth and nail for us. We ended up winning the entire case. He is very detail-oriented, focused, and intelligent. He could cite the laws off of the top of his head and reference cases from decades ago that applied to our scenario. I was very impressed! He can be a little intimidating and wants to get straight to the point, but that is exactly who you want in your corner when things go awry. We are so happy that we found him, and how helpful he was. I highly recommend Attn. Schivick if you ever have to deal with a headache of a landlord, because he will certainly make your life so much easier!” – Brianna P. – Google review – 9/2021

“Attorney Shivick has helped my family twice out of no fault evictions. It was not easy by any means or process but Attorney Shivick handled it in a professional and diligent way. I would recommend him to anyone in an eviction or housing dispute.” – Jeff W. – AVVO Review 9/2021