Michael J. Shivick, Esq.

Defamation of Character, In Massachusetts.

Have you been “Defamed” within the meaning of Massachusetts law? The answer depends on a number of factors. DEFAMATION is “[t]he taking from one’s reputation. The offense of injuring a person’s character, fame, or reputation by false and malicious statements. Learn more

Massachusetts Home Contractor Problems? 5 Red Flags to Look For to Avoid Being Scammed.

Don't let your dream home become the nightmare on your street. Attorney Shivick reviews M.G.L. c.142A and provides you with 5 red flags to help you identify and protect yourself from predatory residential contractors in Massachusetts. Learn more

Home Buyer With New Construction Problems? You Have Rights Under Massachusetts Law.

Is building your dream home becoming a nightmare? Late contractors. Wrong materials. Unworkmanlike construction. Take it or leave it attitude. Half-assiduous work. Surly workers. Unkept promises. These are the tell tale signs of what I like to call “Contractor Problems.” Learn more

Appealing Section 8 Termination is Often the Right Decision

Massachusetts tenants have complained to me about the callousedness they face from their landlords – as well as their subsidy administrators (housing authority). The rules governing administration of Section 8 housing subsidies are spelled out at 24 CFR 982, et Learn more

Top 5 Mistakes Tenants Make With Their Landlord

1. What Did You Sign? The most common mistake most tenants in Massachusetts make is foregoing legal representation during eviction cases.  The most common effect and pitfall there is signing an Agreement for Judgment in negotiation or mediation that signs away Learn more