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MA Tenants: 5 More Things Your Landlord Doesn’t Want You to Know!

Attorney Shivick discusses 5 More Things Your Landlord Doesn’t Want you to Know: Tenant Rights Under Massachusetts Law. Nothing in this video is intended as a substitute for consulting with an attorney. Nothing in this video is to be constued Learn more

The City Notified Me To Evict My Tenant, What Do I Do?

If you received a notice from a city or municipality in Massachusetts stating you must evict your tenant for violation of Massachusetts law such as criminal activity – you may be scared or confused or both or neither – but Learn more

Narcissistic or Aloof Massachusetts Landlord May Trigger Quiet Enjoyment and Anti-Retaliation Statutes

There is a constant whine in Massachusetts akin to the Taos hum.  It appears on further inspection to be Massachusetts landlords continually griping about the alleged unfairness of Massachusetts landlord-tenant law – despite winning the supermajority of judgments in eviction Learn more

MA EVICTION CASE DEFENSE: Tenant Answer & Discovery: Tenant Rights In Massachusetts Evictions

Attorney Shivick discusses a tenant’s right to file an Answer and Discovery under Massachusetts law. In order to obtain legal advice, you must consult a licensed attorney. Nothing in this video is a valid substitute for consulting with a licensed Learn more